Eruption Muay Thai returns in 2019
Shanice Desilva
Wednesday, January 02, 2019

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  1. Trailblazer: Lena Tan
    05 Jan, 2019
    Trailblazer: Lena Tan
    There are many things to be excited about in 2019, as the world of Muay Thai continues to evolve and expand globally. Whilst the Fight Sports community of Australia is currently flourishing with world class competitors, as the new generation sweeps through the ranks, TFV takes a closer look into the world of Muay Thai in Singapore and across Asia Pacific. After spending some time with the Singaporean Muay Thai IFMA team in 2018, we felt this particular story was worth telling as we have been
  2. The Story of Quandamooka Cup
    23 Dec, 2018
    The Story of Quandamooka Cup
    Though for some this time of year is a cheery and festive celebration, for others Christmas can be a very lonely time. This week, The Fight Vault features a story never before told in such depth, which extends far beyond the ring and the world of Fight sports. This story reaches a little further into our hearts, and it tells of how Quandamooka Cup came to be and the journey of the spectacular woman behind it all, Sandy Heilig. Depression, also referred to as ‘The Black Dog’, has claimed many
  3. Young Gun of December: Alma Juniku
    15 Dec, 2018
    Young Gun of December: Alma Juniku
    At just 18 years of age, Alma Juniku from Modern Warrior Gym in Queensland closed off her wildly successful 2018 by claiming not one, but two World Title belts in Hong Kong. After an exciting 5 rounds spent exchanging toe-to-toe with Thailand’s ZaZa Sor Aree, Alma dug deep to finish the fight early with relentless pressure, which saw her opponent cripple in the final moments of the final round. This World Title bout took place Thursday night (13 December 2018) on the Windy: Final Judgement Card