LINEAGE: Dane 'Daddy Kool' Beauchamp
Shanice Desilva
Friday, October 12, 2018

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  1. Young Guns: Ben 'Warpath' Worsfold
    07 Nov, 2018
    Young Guns: Ben 'Warpath' Worsfold
    This week as part of The Fight Vault’s Young Gun Series, we feature the story of one young and upcoming West Australian Nak Muay, Ben Worsfold. Having recently fought and won on the MAX Muay Thai to then fulfilling his lifelong dream of winning at Lumpinee Stadium, it’s fair to say that Ben ‘Warpath’ Worsfold is well and truly establishing himself as a name to watch for the future! TFV spoke with Ben recently, who is currently training at Sitmonchai Gym in Thailand to further pursue his passion
  2. Stand Strong with Jason Lee
    06 Nov, 2018
    Stand Strong with Jason Lee
    There are many reasons to love Martial Arts, just ask anyone who trains or competes! Other than the release of good endorphins from moving your body which promotes a healthier lifestyle, training and learning self defence can also bring a sense of security and confidence that can help an individual through challenging situations; such as Bullying. Bullying in most recent years has advanced and now is the time stand up (and Stand Strong) for what’s right. Statistics show that approximately 77% of
  3. The Rock Part II: Daniel Dawson's Story
    06 Sep, 2018
    The Rock Part II: Daniel Dawson's Story
    In the first instalment of ‘The Rock’, we dove into the world of multiple State, National and World Champion Daniel Dawson. It is always an inspiring experience for TFV to uncover the many layers to a Fighter’s story and journey, and once again we are inspired. Join us as we dive further into Daniel Dawson's story, where he talks about the most challenging adversities he has overcome, which shaped him into being the fighter he is today. Daniel 'The Rock' Dawson, a household name among the