Chowraiooi Muay Thai: Singapore
Shanice Desilva
Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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  1. LINEAGE: Dane 'Daddy Kool' Beauchamp
    12 Oct, 2018
    LINEAGE: Dane 'Daddy Kool' Beauchamp
    It was a glorious time in Muay Thai, the latter half of the 80’s through to the 90’s. There was an explosion of brute-force talent as unbelievable Fighters emerged from every corner of Thailand, particularly the poverty-stricken towns in further flung regions of the country. Some of the greatest Muay Thai Fighters to have ever graced this earth came to be during this time period, better known as the Golden Era of Muay Thai. With any great time in History there is an inevitable ripple effect;
  2. The Rock Part II: Daniel Dawson's Story
    06 Sep, 2018
    The Rock Part II: Daniel Dawson's Story
    In the first instalment of ‘The Rock’, we dove into the world of multiple State, National and World Champion Daniel Dawson. It is always an inspiring experience for TFV to uncover the many layers to a Fighter’s story and journey, and once again we are inspired. Join us as we dive further into Daniel Dawson's story, where he talks about the most challenging adversities he has overcome, which shaped him into being the fighter he is today. Daniel 'The Rock' Dawson, a household name among the
  3. The Journey of River Daz
    05 Sep, 2018
    The Journey of River Daz
    This week, The Fight Vault was privileged to talk with Australia’s newest WMC Lightweight Champion, River Daz. After a sensational victory over Queensland’s Andy Juniku on Rebellion 20 which took place in August, River reigns as Champion and is in very high spirits. His dedication to Muay Thai has brought him to new levels in most recent years and TFV is particularly excited to see this young man continue to grow as a Fighter. Hailing from Hammers Gym run by Mark Castagnini in Melbourne,