1. Trailblazer: Lena Tan
    05 Jan, 2019
    Trailblazer: Lena Tan
    There are many things to be excited about in 2019, as the world of Muay Thai continues to evolve and expand globally. Whilst the Fight Sports community of Australia is currently flourishing with world class competitors, as the new generation sweeps through the ranks, TFV takes a closer look into the world of Muay Thai in Singapore and across Asia Pacific. After spending some time with the Singaporean Muay Thai IFMA team in 2018, we felt this particular story was worth telling as we have been
  2. Eruption Muay Thai returns in 2019
    02 Jan, 2019
    Eruption Muay Thai returns in 2019
    In an exciting introduction to the calendar for 2019, The Fight Vault takes a look into the world of Eruption Muay Thai, a Queensland based Promotion run by Australian Muay Thai veteran, Paul Demicoli. It was just 1 December 2018 when Eruption 16 exploded, closing a wildly busy year for Australian Muay Thai, off with a bang. Eruption 16 hosted a 4 Man Tournament in the 62.5kg division, which saw 4 of the best Fighters from across Australia battle it out for a cool $5000 Prize, and of course
  3. The Story of Quandamooka Cup
    23 Dec, 2018
    The Story of Quandamooka Cup
    Though for some this time of year is a cheery and festive celebration, for others Christmas can be a very lonely time. This week, The Fight Vault features a story never before told in such depth, which extends far beyond the ring and the world of Fight sports. This story reaches a little further into our hearts, and it tells of how Quandamooka Cup came to be and the journey of the spectacular woman behind it all, Sandy Heilig. Depression, also referred to as ‘The Black Dog’, has claimed many
  4. Young Gun of December: Alma Juniku
    15 Dec, 2018
    Young Gun of December: Alma Juniku
    At just 18 years of age, Alma Juniku from Modern Warrior Gym in Queensland closed off her wildly successful 2018 by claiming not one, but two World Title belts in Hong Kong. After an exciting 5 rounds spent exchanging toe-to-toe with Thailand’s ZaZa Sor Aree, Alma dug deep to finish the fight early with relentless pressure, which saw her opponent cripple in the final moments of the final round. This World Title bout took place Thursday night (13 December 2018) on the Windy: Final Judgement Card
  5. Destiny of Champions Fight Report
    12 Dec, 2018
    Destiny of Champions Fight Report
    7 December 2018 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: The largest global sports media property in Asian history, ONE Championship™ (ONE), sent shock-waves throughout the state-of-the-art Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with an exciting evening of world-class martial arts action. ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPIONS featured a series of thrilling contests, punctuated by a compelling headline bout that earned a warm reception from the passionate fans in attendance. In the main event, Muay Thai legend Yodsanklai
  6. ONE Championship: Three Malaysian's with Distinct Martial Arts Backgrounds
    07 Dec, 2018
    ONE Championship: Three Malaysian's with Distinct Martial Arts Backgrounds
    As The Fight Vault prepares to attend ONE: Destiny of Champions this evening in Kuala Lumpur, we invite our readers to take a look into the journeys of some of the fighters who will be competing at the Axiata Arena. Malaysia’s Mixed Martial Arts scene has been on the rise in recent years, and several of the nation’s top athletes have displayed a wide and ever-expanding knowledge of Martial Arts throughout their time with ONE Championship. Malaysia is producing fine athletes who each display a
  7. Young Guns: Brandon 'Dynamite' Spain
    27 Nov, 2018
    Young Guns: Brandon 'Dynamite' Spain
    This month The Fight Vault’s chosen Young Gun comes from Queensland. He is an upcoming fighter who exhibits an exciting, aggressive style in the ring and shows plenty of promise for the future... Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to Brandon Spain, TFV's Young Gun for November. Brandon was brought into the world of Muay Thai as a youngster by his father Leon Spain, who owns ‘Spain’s Muay Thai Gym’ in Toowoomba. Unlike many others who’s journey in Muay Thai typically began by
  8. Four Malaysians Set For Battle At ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPIONS
    22 Nov, 2018
    Four Malaysians Set For Battle At ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPIONS
    The Fight Vault is honoured to report on behalf of ONE Championship who will close their 2018 plethora of events in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, next month. This year has served as an exciting year of increased global recognition and breakthrough for ONE, who have signed some of the very best Fighters in the world to their roster. Among those many names Demetrius Johnson, Eddie Alvarez and of course the darling of women’s MMA, Miesha Tate who takes her place as Vice President within
  9. Legacy with Luis Regis
    20 Nov, 2018
    Legacy with Luis Regis
    This week The Fight Vault takes our readers through the journey of a well-established Fighter, originating from Brazil and fighting out of SRG Thai Boxing Gym, NSW Australia – Luis Regis. Luis holds a rather decorated record in Muay Thai from being a 3x WMC Champion to competing against the top tier of his weight division, with 32 Professional fights to his name. Now the Brazilian born Fighter promises to bring a very exciting and well accomplished style to the bright lights of ONE
  10. Young Guns: Ben 'Warpath' Worsfold
    07 Nov, 2018
    Young Guns: Ben 'Warpath' Worsfold
    This week as part of The Fight Vault’s Young Gun Series, we feature the story of one young and upcoming West Australian Nak Muay, Ben Worsfold. Having recently fought and won on the MAX Muay Thai to then fulfilling his lifelong dream of winning at Lumpinee Stadium, it’s fair to say that Ben ‘Warpath’ Worsfold is well and truly establishing himself as a name to watch for the future! TFV spoke with Ben recently, who is currently training at Sitmonchai Gym in Thailand to further pursue his passion
  11. Stand Strong with Jason Lee
    06 Nov, 2018
    Stand Strong with Jason Lee
    There are many reasons to love Martial Arts, just ask anyone who trains or competes! Other than the release of good endorphins from moving your body which promotes a healthier lifestyle, training and learning self defence can also bring a sense of security and confidence that can help an individual through challenging situations; such as Bullying. Bullying in most recent years has advanced and now is the time stand up (and Stand Strong) for what’s right. Statistics show that approximately 77% of
  12. LINEAGE: Dane 'Daddy Kool' Beauchamp
    12 Oct, 2018
    LINEAGE: Dane 'Daddy Kool' Beauchamp
    It was a glorious time in Muay Thai, the latter half of the 80’s through to the 90’s. There was an explosion of brute-force talent as unbelievable Fighters emerged from every corner of Thailand, particularly the poverty-stricken towns in further flung regions of the country. Some of the greatest Muay Thai Fighters to have ever graced this earth came to be during this time period, better known as the Golden Era of Muay Thai. With any great time in History there is an inevitable ripple effect;
  13. The Rock Part II: Daniel Dawson's Story
    06 Sep, 2018
    The Rock Part II: Daniel Dawson's Story
    In the first instalment of ‘The Rock’, we dove into the world of multiple State, National and World Champion Daniel Dawson. It is always an inspiring experience for TFV to uncover the many layers to a Fighter’s story and journey, and once again we are inspired. Join us as we dive further into Daniel Dawson's story, where he talks about the most challenging adversities he has overcome, which shaped him into being the fighter he is today. Daniel 'The Rock' Dawson, a household name among the
  14. The Journey of River Daz
    05 Sep, 2018
    The Journey of River Daz
    This week, The Fight Vault was privileged to talk with Australia’s newest WMC Lightweight Champion, River Daz. After a sensational victory over Queensland’s Andy Juniku on Rebellion 20 which took place in August, River reigns as Champion and is in very high spirits. His dedication to Muay Thai has brought him to new levels in most recent years and TFV is particularly excited to see this young man continue to grow as a Fighter. Hailing from Hammers Gym run by Mark Castagnini in Melbourne,
  15. TFV Fight Tales: The Rebellion Edition
    20 Aug, 2018
    TFV Fight Tales: The Rebellion Edition
    The dust of Roots had not even settled before an evening of pulsating Muay Thai Fights would begin. Saturday, the 18th of August 2018, Sy Nadji hosted his twentieth Rebellion Muay Thai show. After relentlessly building a brand and reputation within the Fight community, Sy hosted his first Rebellion Title Fight which was paired with the highly anticipated rematch between Australia's own, Toby The Weapon Smith and Slovakian Fighter, Jakub Benko. The Rebellion Title was slated for the Super
  16. TFV Fight Tales - Roots 8: Stir It Up
    18 Aug, 2018
    TFV Fight Tales - Roots 8: Stir It Up
    "Come on and stir it up, little darlin', stir it up!"  Whilst the air of Melbourne was cool and unforgiving outside, the atmosphere inside of the St Kilda Town Hall on Saturday was warm with excitement. Muay Thai fans from across the nation filtered through the doors with mounting anticipation for Roots 8: Stir It Up and Rebellion 20, which would take place later in the evening. It was a day to remember for those who were present, purely 100% Muay Thai - expect nothing less from a show hosted by
  17. Recovery for the Fighter: Cryotherapy
    01 Aug, 2018
    Recovery for the Fighter: Cryotherapy
    Recovery has become an increasingly significant aspect of an athletes training regime. The list of options available for athletic recovery is endless! From hydrotherapy, active recovery, stretching, compression, massage, cryotherapy and many more, it can be difficult to decipher what is best for you. What is important though is knowing precisely what modalities of recovery are available and how they can benefit you individually as an athlete. The Fight Vault will be running a series of articles
  18. Ticking Timebomb: An Interview with Josh Tonna
    31 Jul, 2018
    Ticking Timebomb: An Interview with Josh Tonna
    The dawn of July 2018 saw Australian Muay Thai Fighter Josh ‘TimeBomb’ Tonna sign with Asia’s ever-expanding Fight Promotion, ONE Fighting Championship. An opportunity to share ONE’s World-renowned canvas with some of the Sport’s toughest Fighters, is an opportunity Josh could not pass up. Josh Tonna is already a house hold name among the Australian Fight Community, representing his gym and team at Stockade Training Centre. However, whilst he has undeniably established himself as both a
  19. Young Guns #1 - Amanda Juniku
    25 Jul, 2018
    Young Guns #1 - Amanda Juniku
    In the first instalment of our new ‘Young Guns’ series, TFV spoke with up and coming Queensland based Muay Thai Fighter, Amanda Juniku. Emerging from Modern Warrior Muay Thai Gym, Amanda is fast making a name and reputation for herself among the Australian Fight community. Known for her aggressive style, particularly her effective use of spinning back elbows, Amanda is in every way a name to watch for the future. Read on to find out more about what inspires Amanda, and what her aspirations are
  20. Jack Becker
    12 Jul, 2018
    Jack Becker
    This week on The Fight Vault, we take a look at one of Perth's rising MMA stars, Jack Becker from M1FC. With nine fights and seven wins to his record, Jack is fast becoming a serious MMA prospect, and he has his sights set on reaching the pinnacle of the sport.   Ranked within the top three tiers of Japan and Australia* Jack Becker has become a household name in the South East Asian and Australian MMA scene. Jack has competed in Shooto, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA, his journey
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